June 9, 2008

Support From Post News Charities

Last Thursday, America SCORES Denver was awarded a grant and support from Post News Charities. Selected with only six other organizations working with youth in Denver (including Arts Streets; The Symphony; The Performing Arts Center; The Butterfly Pavilion; the DPS Foundation; & CO Mental Health) we are thrilled to have the newspaper's support.

Alongwith the presentation of the awards there was a lovely luncheon with a number of the top officials in the company as well as members of the community giving department. During the luncheon as each of the organizations summed up the programs they offered, we were honored to have Kristin Stork, the Community Relations Manager, read the following poem by one of our talented SCORES poet-athletes.

How I Like To Write

I like to write when there's music
I like to write when nobody is with me
I like to write when I'm in my room
I like to write when my dog is around
Licking my face.
When I write and I'm angry
I let it all out and if I'm happy
I write about things that are happy to me.
I write outside so I can write how beautiful it is outside and I can write
things that are out there that are so interesting.

June 3, 2008

Childhood Obesity Numbers

A recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association has everyone talking about the Childhood Obesity epidemic. The study, "concluded that childhood obesity hit a plateau from 1999 to 2006," (NY Times). It is too soon to tell (a mere two years out) if this will be a full-fledged plateau, or merely a dip in a longer-term spike. But levelling off or not, 32% of young americans are currently overweight or obese (NY Times).

America SCORES Denver & other programs that get students active in the after-school hours can act as powerful buffers against this issue facing our youth.

The authors of a study on childhood obesity conducted through Yale University concluded that participation in after school may help in controlling childhood obesity for three reasons. “First…much of a child’s overeating & related sedentary behavior (e.g., watching television) occurs during non-school hours…. Second, children experience high levels of enjoyment when participating in after school activities. Compared to obesity reduction approaches that emphasize passive health education or require children to give up negative habits concerning food & activity choices, after school programs…may be more palatable.” Our program makes fitness & healthy choices way more than just palatable. Students in our program move toward fitness because they love what they are doing --playing.
End Of Spring Season '08

The SCORES Jamboree brought together teams from each of our eight schools for a round-robin soccer tournament. Over three-hundred students and supporters gathered together for this annual festival of fun!