July 19, 2011

New Album Brings Much Needed Spotlight to Youth

ASCAP, America SCORES and The Great Unknown Release Other Voices, Other Rooms  - CD available now on iTunes and Amazon - and streaming for free this week only at Spinner/AOL Music 

ASCAP, a membership association of songwriters, composers and music publishers, and America SCORES, the nationally acclaimed after-school program, are pleased to announce Other Voices, Other Rooms, a collection of songs by critically-acclaimed Philadelphia-based band TheGreatUnknown and America SCORES students from elementary and middle schools in Washington DC, Cleveland, Milwaukee, New York City and Boston. The songs were written and recorded in fall 2010 when the band headlined the first five-city tour for the ASCAP Songwriter Residency at America SCORES, to which all proceeds from online sales are being donated.
The CD is a brilliant, heartwarming collection of stark and bewitching alt-country songs. Beautiful, raw and touching--all lyrics written by America SCORES students, arranged by & music by The Great Unknown.
Name-your-own-price and see videos here: http://bit.ly/getvoices, or on iTunes: http://bit.ly/ASCAPvoices

July 11, 2011

Summer Soccer Clinic a success!

Saturday's clinic for SCORES Denver participants included soccer fun, seeing friends from the school year, and some great donated gear. Thank you to organizer, Lee, his family and friends for such generosity!

July 5, 2011

Spring 2011 Poetry

Effort to help the community
Also even just a little help is great
Unique stuff to help the community
Together we could do anything
I help too
Fun projects for beautification
I see awesome teamwork
Come on we can do it
And we just need people to pick up
The fun we'll have doing this together will be no surprise
In the next few weeks we can get a lot done
Our neighborhood needs work
Never stop helping

Jada S.
Brown International Academy

My Community

Bla bla bla that's our friends talking

I see a blue sky with a bright sun

I taste my neighbors enchiladas

I smell the beautiful flowers

I lay down and feel rough grass

Munroe Elementary

Where I am From
I am from a world where we all love eachother.
We love our moms our dads
our sisters and our brothers.
Where I'm from we love Chihuahuas
and they are so cute.
Where I'm from we like dark red on walls
and light green on grass.
I broke one rule where I'm from
we are supposed to eat enchiladas but
I love pepperoni pizza with melted cheese"mmmmm".
"I am hungry now."
I love to watch Wizards of Waverly Place

Eagleton Elementary

Spring 2011