January 31, 2011

Lyndsey Rosenberg speaks about Inspired Art

“What a great inspiration to paint the words that come from the hearts of the young writers.  I knew when I read the poems I had to paint the emotion I felt when reading them.” 
Lyndsey describing why she chose to participate in Inspired Art.

View more of Lyndsey’s work at lyndseyrosenberg.com.

January 26, 2011

Water Color Artist Diana Salazar Returns to Inspired Art

Local artist Diana Salazar will return for the second annual Inspired Art.
A University of Colorado Denver alum, Salazar is a native Coloradan and beyond her painting she has also participated in both the La Piazza Del Arte and Denver Chalk Art Festivals.
Read more about Diana on the Inspired Art website or view her work at http://www.DianaSalazar.com.

January 21, 2011

Denslow Talks About Inspired Art

"The opportunity to help a great cause and have an impact locally is important to me. The poems submitted by the children are so creative that it is easy to build a visual art piece based on them...but so hard to choose just one poem." Denslow describing her experience with Inspired Art.
Denslow's donated piece from Inspired Art 2010

January 18, 2011

Add Roulier to the growing list of Inspired Artists

Claudia Roulier describes her work in the artist statement below.
I am a collector. I collect old things, found things, odd things, and creepy things along with pictures and ideas. I use all of these collections in my work. I like to indulge my visual side by creating captivating images, mostly animal that are both surrealistic and whimsical. These creatures tend to take on human qualities that juxtapose an idea against an image.
 Visit the Inspired Art website to which poem Roulier decided to use for inspiration and view a picture of her donated piece.

January 13, 2011

Inspired Art Welcomes Back Barth Quenzer

2010 Inspired Art donated piece
by Barth Qenzer.
Denver based artist Barth Quenzer will lend his talents to Inspired Art for the second year in a row.

Besides being an active community member, Quenzer is a professional artist and a DPS art educator. Quenzer pursues his professional career at Guerilla Garden and encourages his DPS students to "exercise critical thinking and find creative solutions to conceptual issues."

Quenzer's artistic work varies in medium and size. Some of his work is so small it could fit in a book, other pieces have been as large as 20ft. by 20ft. It is exciting to think what he might develop for this year's inspired art event!

For more information about Barth Quenzer and the 2011 Inspired Art Event visit www.inspiredartdenver.wordpress.com or check out his website at www.bquenzer.com.

January 7, 2011

Sweetrocket Contributes to Inspired Art

Riva Sweetrocket is a contemporary pastel artist based in Denver. She has been drawing and painting since age three, her current work consists of large-scale soft pastel paintings on paper.

Riva has won many awards in the Denver area and has been featured in many venues including the Denver Botanic Gardens and Buell Theater.

This is Riva's first year participating in the Inspired Art Project. Above is a picture of her piece based on Viviana B's poem "Bubble Gum" which will be shown at this year's event courtesy of Plus Gallery.

To learn more about Riva or view more of her work visit www.sweetrocket.com or the Inspired Art Website

January 3, 2011

Killer Bunnies, a Terrible Universe and Jane Rabadi

New inspired artist, Jane Rabadi, has chosen Jose T's poem "The Killer Bunnies in a Terrible Universe" for her inspiration.

Originally from Indiana Jane has earned art degrees from Sweet Briar College and Metropolitan State College of Denver. She currently work as a graphic designer and fine artist in Denver and has been involved in projects for many Denver organizations including: the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, Colorado Business Committee for the Arts, and the Denver Art Museum.

To learn more about Jane Rabadi and other artisits, read student poems, or view pictures from last years event visit the Inspired Art website at www.inspiredartdenver.wordpress.com.