December 20, 2010

Artist Tracy Tomko is Inspired to Join the Cause

Tomko attended the Art Institute of Colorado for Industrial Design, and has spent the past few years working as a Sculptor and Master Maker for companies such as Warner Bros., Porch Light Entertainment, Friends With You, McDonald's, Nike, Hollister, Guess, and many more. We are very excited to have her participate in the 2011 Inspired Art Event creating a piece based off Jacquelyn's poem "Poker Poetry." To learn more about Tracy Tomko and the Inspired Art Event visit her website at
When asked why she chose to contribute to the Inspired Art Project Tracy responded:
"I wanted to be involved in the Inspired Art Project to work alongside other young, creative minds that will be crucial in forming a beautiful future.   The poetry of the young writers involved in this project is a great springboard for my own imagination.  I can’t wait to see the way the imagery from the poem I chose will unfold in my painting."
View some of Tracy's work at

December 14, 2010

Inpired Artist Noami Foster Returns for a 2nd Year

Noami's body of art has brought healing, hope, love and restoration back into lives of many, crossing the boundaries of race, social status and economic background.

Why she chose to participate in Inspired Art?
My artwork is inspired by children and most of the time are children.
It impressed me to see an organization focused on our children and their own creative abilities. After reading some of the poems which were so heart felt I knew I had to be a part. Inspired Art gives our young people an opportunity to express themselves in their own way & allows artists to share with children how we see their work, it is a great collaboration.

How would you describe your experience from last year?
I was honored to be a part of last years Inspired Art. I know Inspired Art is an auction and you want your work to sell for a great cause but to be honest my desire was that the poet of my piece would love it the most.

To learn more about Noami Foster or view more of her work visit or become a friend of her Facebook page.

December 6, 2010

Ready, Set, Create!

Local artists are teaming up with SCORES to create some inspiring pieces. The artwork they create, based on SCORES poetry, will be sold on March 10th, 2011 at the annual Inspired Art Auction to help raise funds for the America SCORES Denver and Think 360 youth programs.
When asked "Why participate?" artist Angela Canada Hopkins responded,
I have experienced the power of healing through art first-hand. When I saw how Scores was working with youth through writing I wanted to support their mission. With my art I hope to portray the feelings of the particular poem that touched me. I strongly believe an open dialogue and the sharing that comes from an expression of creativity is incredibly therapeutic.
To learn more about artist Angela Canada Hopkins and Inspired Art 2011 visit the Inspired Art website at