February 7, 2013

They're Heading to the Big Apple!

Performers from Eagleton Elementary
It's official. We have selected fifth graders Christian I. from Eagleton Elementary and Libni G. from Cowell Elementary to represent America SCORES Denver in the National Poetry SLAM! April 8, 2013 at the New York Stock Exchange.  These great kids will join 26 poet-athletes from other SCORES cities for a long weekend in New York City.

Newlon Elementary Poet-Athletes
Denver's auditions for the America SCORES National Poetry SLAM! were held Thursday, January 31 with 21 fourth and fifth graders performing original poetry for a panel of judges. The judges had a difficult time deciding among the participants and each poet-athlete should be proud of the accomplishments which inspired parents, teachers, coaches and passersby.

SCORES is thankful to our Starbucks partners and REI Store #6342 for hosting us Thursday! Starbucks Coffee Company made sure we had sound, somewhere to sit, and generously provided hot cocoa as a special treat to our students!