November 9, 2011

Great Fall Season, Denver!

This is the final week of programming in Denver and tonight's Poetry Slam was evidence of the hard work our poet-athletes put into their writing sessions!

America SCORES Denver's 12th Annual Poetry Slam! was held November 8th at Abraham Lincoln High School.  Parents, guests and other schools' teams were entertained by students performing their original work in groups and individually.  Attendees also enjoyed performances by SCORES's special guest Jose Guerrero, a DU student who also attended west Denver schools, is a leading local actor, and competes nationally as a slam poet.  What a great night!

Thank you to all our wonderful soccer and writing coaches as well as the liaisons at each of the ten schools hosting America SCORES Denver!  Without you we couldn't provide after-school programming to 320 students in DPS and we appreciate your dedication.

Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone.  We'll see you in a few months!

November 2, 2011

We're the Daily Deal!

G-TeamYou don't have to be part of the extreme coupon craze, or even buy into an occasional online bargain to know this good deal when you see it! Who wouldn't want to visit Groupon to make a difference in the lives of others?  Not me. Not you. And we're hoping all your friends (real ones and the Facebook kind) will want to too!

 G-TeamToday, November 1st through Thursday, November 3rd, America SCORES Denver is being featured by the G-Team, a community outreach initiative within Groupon that bring communities together to do good, have fun, and make an impact.  G-Team has been working in Denver to help mission-driven organizations like ours raise money and awareness, channeling the collective buying power of Groupon followers and our local supporters.  100% of the proceeds raised through Groupon will come back to America SCORES Denver!

Tonight the "deal" tipped at 40 supporters!  In our first full day of the campaign we have received enough clickers and sharers to make sure this event goes forward.  Now our work is cut out for us to get the word out to the rest of our friends and make some new ones.  America SCORES Denver's Board of Directors has agreed to match each donation up to $1500.  Don't miss out on this Groupon-for-good opportunity!
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